Kristóf Poduszló

A new beginning

1 min read

Launching a blog sounds fairly simple, but getting lost in the details is just as easy. My take on obsessive hobbyism.

I’ve been thinking about building a personal website for ages. When it comes to side projects, I tend to enjoy the process over the outcome.

The hustling I saw online made me feel guilty about procrastination. Concluding that I was incapable of shipping a site on my own, I decided not to pursue this goal anymore.

And yet, here we are. Something must’ve changed. Perhaps I’ve read a bunch of books on productivity, right?

Not by any means. It was a shift in mindset. I’m not trying to become one of my role models anymore.

I’ll do things my way.

So, let’s celebrate the artistic joy of craftsmanship. Sustainaibility over growth. Taking care of self rather than pleasing others.

After all, it’s the journey that matters, not the destination.